CSR Management

A department responsible for CSR
Created in 2016, this department reports to the Executive Board and is led by Catherine Papillon. It comprises a team of 5 people and has a transversal role that involves all of the company’s business lines and activities.
A unique part of our company, this department also relies on a network of 47 representatives from our different countries and businesses: the CSR Leaders, located in more than 10 countries.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Define BNP Paribas Real Estate’s new CSR policy and ensure that it is deployed across all our business lines, functions and countries.
  • Measure the performance of this strategy and provide reporting.
  • Support teams in integrating CSR issues into their activities. Sensitise and train them on these subjects.
  • Monitor developments in CSR and sustainable development.
  • Enhance our initiatives internally and externally.
  • Represent the company in the various bodies of the real estate network.
  • Manage the company’s corporate philanthropy actions.
Our work is based on clear commitments to anticipate the way we design, build and live in office and residential buildings, to take part in the economic and social life of the cities where we operate, to develop the skills of our employees, to support disability and to encourage diversity, whilst at the same time respecting the environment.

Catherine Papillon, Chief Sustainability/CSR Officer

A first large-scale initiative: The perception of our CSR commitment by our stakeholders

As part of our 2021 materiality study, we surveyed over 10,000 European stakeholders on their perception of our sustainability commitments.