GRIENG.IndicatorBusiness Scope (all by default)Country Scope (all by default)Unit201620172018201920202020 Objectives2021
404-031Employees proud to work for BNP Paribas Real Estate%85878480808785
417-031Stakeholders that rate the level of the company's CSR approach as "pioneering" or "committed"%535755NA
308-011Suppliers who have signed our CSR pledge%409041
416-012Business lines of the company that has signed the responsible growth charter%NA
102-173Rate of significant incidents resulting in a major corrective action plan%5.810.710.05.811.656.9
205-023Employees who have validated the annual online compliance and ethics training courses%89909290939096
305-014GHG emissions per employee (Scope1/2 & 3 Business Travels)DE, ES, FR, GBTeqCO2/FTE1.621.371.431.281.201,251.02
302-044Energy savings achieved compared to French thermal regulationsCorporate Property DevelopmentFR%3751NA (No delivery completed in 2018)464335NA (No delivery completed in 2021)
3054Completed operations benefiting from a greenhouse gases assessmentCorporate & Residential Property Development%100100100
302-044Energy savings achieved compared to French thermal regulationsResidential Property DevelopmentFR%34362724191022
305-014Average emissions from company's car fleet <= 110 g CO2/km (NEDC)%117110
4Assets which have an energy age later than the year 2000Real Estate Investment ManagementFR%647177798266100
302-014Energy consumption of the common areas of our managed buildingsProperty ManagementkWh(final energy)/yr/sqm44424241304024
301-015Paper made from responsibly sourced materialsDE, ES, FR, GB%487572818210082.1
306-025Recycled waste DE, ES, FR, GB%28132810128011.4
307-016Employees considering that the company respects the environment%73737272727576
302-046sqm completed with a certificationCorporate Property Development%100100NA (No delivery completed in 2018)100100100100
302-046sqm completed with a certificationResidential Property DevelopmentFR%8660553996100100
302-046sqm completed achieving one of the two highest levels of certificationCorporate Property Development%100100NA (No delivery completed in 2018)100100100100
302-046Surface managed with a certificationProperty Management%17191814163018
302-046% of major renovations that are certifiedReal Estate Investment ManagementDE, FR, IT%100100100
403-037Employees believe their job gives them a sense of personal achievement%727474717574
403-037Employees believe they have found a good work life balance%707171727374
403-037Employees endorsing the company as an excellent employer%7072696475N/A
404-028Employees who state that they have taken at least one training course during the year%77807985858184
405-018Rate of women among executivesFR%43434343444545
413-039Active at-risk employees successfully passing an online course on Human Rights%9390
404-0210Continuation of initiatives in favour of schoolchildren, students and young professionals in the real estate industryDE, FR, GB, ITNumber114014811629385NA
201-0111Direct economic value generated and distributed to the tax administration%
413-0212Continue the development of solidarity initiativesDE, FR, GB, ITk€104673412911162NA816