Integrating customer experience, quality of life and property value into our offers

Integrating customer experience, quality of life and property value into our offers
We are committed to developing and maintaining strong and transparent relationships with a wide range of stakeholders in our various activities.
We practice open, honest and two-way communication.
We recognise the mutual benefits that result from this sincere and transparent commitment, for both our company and our partners.
We are attentive to their present and future needs.


Listening to our customers

We recognise the mutual benefits that result from this sincere and transparent commitment for both our company and our business partners. We are attentive to their present and future needs. We practice open, honest and two-way communication and an information approach with local residents.
We constantly strive to serve the best interests of our clients with diligence, fairness, neutrality and discretion, and within the framework of laws and regulations. We strive daily to implement the following key principles to ensure that all of our clients’ interests are protected:
  • Provide appropriate solutions
  • Provide accurate and clear information
  • Ensure transparency


1. Formalise a regular and direct engagement plan with our stakeholder groups to ensure that we understand their expectations, issues and concerns.
2. Raise employee awareness of BNP Paribas Real Estate’s commitment to them.
3. Monitor the overall commitment and level of satisfaction with our relationship with them.

A commitment to our employees

When they start at the company, all BNP Paribas Real Estate employees in France are given an HR kit consisting of fact sheets on:
  • the organisation of working time
  • paid leave and time off in lieu
  • other leaves and absences
  • benefits (shares, pension and health insurance)
  • an information sheet on the paperless processing of the pay slip and an “Employer Promise” brochure
  • the integration seminar for all employees on permanent contracts.
This welcome procedure is combined with:
  • internal information procedures including a corporate and individualised social assessment
  • internal e-mails
  • articles in the online openspace, in special editions
  • dedicated HR pages on the intranet (my daily HR, recruitment, training, mobility and career management)
  • Mov’in (mobility platform) and workshops at the headquarters.

The Global People Survey (GPS)

The GLOBAL PEOPLE SURVEY (GPS) is an annual internal survey designed to determine BNP Paribas Group employees’ expectations and to measure perceptions of the company. Since 2013, this survey has been an important indicator in the dialogue with internal stakeholders.

Partnerships with our suppliers

Balanced relationships

BNP Paribas Real Estate aims to develop balanced relationships with its suppliers, in line with its environmental and social commitments. Three key principles guide our purchasing: fairness and transparency in the selection of suppliers, the search for the best cost/quality/risk ratio and the search for innovative solutions.
We ensure that our consultations are open to companies in the protected and adapted sector. Being a buyer at BNP Paribas means working with suppliers in compliance with five requirements, which all our employees are aware of:
  • compliance with laws, regulations and professional standards applicable to the entities concerned
  • the protection of the group’s reputation
  • fairness in the choice of suppliers
  • confidentiality in the exchange of information
  • independence from suppliers and management of conflicts of interest

Decision traceability

Our procedures and tools aim to ensure the traceability of decisions in the choice of suppliers.
  • Pre-qualification: For any consultation, we pre-qualify your company on the basis of financial health and economic dependence. Without being discriminatory, they condition the development of balanced relationships.
  • Consultation: We inform you of the general rules of the consultation before it is launched, by way of the signing of a preliminary agreement.
  • Decision: We are looking for financially sound suppliers who offer us competitive solutions that can contribute to BNP Paribas Group’s ambitions in terms of quality, innovation and sustainable development.
  • Relationship monitoring: After the signing of the contract, we constantly strive for balanced relationships and promote the provision of mutual expertise. If necessary, we define with you shared progress plans.
  • Payment: To improve the processing of your invoices, we provide you with a guide for the metropolitan France area, specifying the formats and contents that need to be respected.
We pay particular attention to the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy of suppliers when analysing offers. To find out more, please refer to the BNP Paribas Supplier CSR Policy.

Best practices

Supplier commitments

This is the result of the work of a working group composed of CSR Leaders, representing our various business lines, functions and countries, with the aim of strengthening the ethics and transparency of our relations with our suppliers. This charter also illustrates one of our commitments to economic responsibility “Create innovative product and service offerings, with our customers and partners, in an ethical and responsible way”.

Value in use of real estate

A sector study involving several real estate players made it possible to assess and quantify the impact of an office building on the comfort and productivity of its occupants. In partnership with: Gecina, Foncière des Régions, Bouygues Construction, Sercib, Ivanhoe Cambridge, EDF, Engie, Bolloré, Saint Gobain.

360° User Experience

In order to ensure the well-being of occupants by optimising their comfort and satisfaction, BNP Paribas Real Estate Property Management has created a catalogue of tailor-made services to improve the user experience and the digitalisation of services.