Accompanying ever-changing real estate
As the European leader in office property and a recognised player in residential property, we are at the heart and forefront of the transformations that are shaping the city of tomorrow. In order to respond to new uses, changing work methods and expressed or anticipated new requirements, we are more responsible, flexible and resilient than ever. The development of sustainable, flexible, connected buildings, mixed-use neighbourhoods that promote openness, inclusiveness, the search for virtuous consumption and favouring short circuits and the reduction of the carbon footprint are challenges that must be met in order to reinvent the city of tomorrow. Our ambition is to be the leading real estate services provider in Europe, to be in the top tier in the UK and to be the “best in class” on all types of assets in continental Europe.

Commitments to major initiatives

As a subsidiary of the BNP Paribas Group, we support the Group’s commitments and adhere to relevant frameworks within the context of our activities.

Active contribution to the real estate network

A selection of organisations in which we are actively involved: