With you

Driven by the highest level of governance and shared by all, our culture of responsibility and integrity motivates us every day to ensure the long-term development of BNP Paribas Real Estate, whilst guaranteeing its positive impact on society.
Performance, responsibility, ethics and transparency; our CSR policy is supported by facts and everyone is committed to bringing this strategic challenge to life on a daily basis.
“This socially responsible vision, built with our customers, partners and all our stakeholders, combined with the creation of lasting added value, helps us to maintain our position as a major player in the European real estate market.”

Catherine Papillon

We play a key role in urban transformation across all our business lines and professions, developing solutions to anticipate and meet new economic, social and environmental challenges, and thus respond to the new ways of our clients (whether they be investors, companies, individuals or local authorities).
Our goal is to regularly share with you the progress we are making together, and the steps we are taking with your support.
This is the raison d’ĂȘtre of this platform, built to keep you constantly informed about the latest developments in our sustainable development and CSR policy.

Thierry Laroue-Pont

Chairman & CE

Catherine Papillon

Chief Sustainability/CSR Officer