Strategic Roadmap

Inspire Real Estate 2020

BNP Paribas Real Estate has set progress targets to be achieved by the end of 2020 to support its commitments.

55% of stakeholders rate the level of the company’s CSR approach as “pioneering” or “committed”

90% of suppliers have signed our sustainable procurement charter

87% of employees are proud to work for BNP Paribas Real Estate

100% of the company’s business lines have signed BNP Paribas Real Estate’s charter for responsible growth

5% of incidents resulting in a major corrective action plan considered as serious

90% of employees having attested to compliance and ethics training

International Internal Operations

1,25 Teq CO2 per full time equivalent (GHG emissions Scope 1/2 & 3 – business travels)

100%  of average emissions from company’s car fleet <= 110g CO2/km (NEDC)

Development France

35%  energy savings compared to French thermal regulation for Corporate real estate building completions

10% energy savings compared to French thermal regulations for Residential completions

100% of development benefit from a carbon footprint in Residential and Corporate Real Estate

International Property Management

40 kWh FE/sqm energy consumption in the common areas of managed buildings

REIM France

66% of assets which have an energy age latter than the year 2000

International Internal Operations

100 %  of paper made from responsibly sourced materials

80 % of waste recycled

Internal Operations

75% of employees considering that the company respects the environment

Development France

100% of delivered Corporate Real Estate sqm have an environmental  certification

100% of completed developments obtain one of the two highest levels of certification in Corporate Real Estate

100% of completeded Residential units have an environmental  certification

International Property Management

30% of managed surfaces have an environmental certification

International REIM

100%  of our major renovations are certified

75% of employees believe their job gives them a sense of personal achievement

73% of employees believe they have a found a good work/life balance

75% of employees recommend the company as an excellent employer

45% women among executives (France)

81% of employees take at least one training course during the year

90% of at-risk employees successfully passing an online course on Human Rights

Continuation of initiatives in favour of schoolchildren, students and young professionals in the real estate industry

Calculation of the direct economic value generated distributed and the part paid to tax authorities in the
countries where BNP Paribas
Real Estate operates

Continue the development of solidarity initiatives