Cookie policy

BNP Paribas Real Estate is particularly attentive to providing you with the best possible service and we wish to preserve the trust you have placed in us. In this context, we have adopted strong principles to ensure the protection of your data. This is why we wish to provide you with transparent information on how we place, use and store cookies on your device when you consult our sites or applications (hereinafter the “Site” and/or the “Application” []) and to present you with the options that allow you to manage and delete them.

1 - What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text, image or software files that may be deposited and/or read on your device when you access our Site and/or the Application. The word “device,” when used in this Cookie Policy, includes computers, smartphones, tablets and any other device used to access the Internet.

Cookies can be (i) session cookies, which means that they are deleted from your device once you close your session and browser; or (ii) persistent cookies, which means that they will be stored on your device until deleted.

Cookies can have many functions, including

  • improve the security of the Site and/or the Application including the protection of user data from access by unauthorized third parties;
  • track how you use our Site and/or Application in order to improve it;
  • improve your user experience by tailoring the content of our Site or Application to your interests and by providing you with more relevant advertising and content on our Site and/or Application or third party sites. ;
  • save your preferences and settings for using our Site and/or Application (e.g. language, time zone, etc.).

2 - What kind of information can be stored in a cookie?

The information stored by the cookies deposited on your device may relate to the following, within the time limit of their retention:

  • the web pages you visited while using this device;
  • the type of browser you are using;
  • your IP address;
  • and any other information you have provided on our Site/Application.

Cookies may contain personal data covered by our Data Protection Notice.

3 - What type of cookies do we use and for what purpose?

The cookies we use on our Sites and/or Applications are classified into different categories