BNP Paribas Real Estate’s commitments to position itself as a player committed to local and solidarity-based initiatives.

Real estate for tomorrow

Promote the culture and influence of sustainable development in the real estate industry

Our goal is to help our communities thrive by focusing on 3 key areas: health and wellness, community relations, and education in our trades. We believe we have the ability to make a positive contribution in these areas that match our skills and experience. Our contribution takes the form of investment and community development initiatives in the real estate industry.

Local economy

Ensure a positive contribution in our cities and territories

Make a positive contribution in our cities and territories where we operate


Support solidarity initiatives to contribute to a sustainable and inclusive city

BNP Paribas Real Estate is positioned as a player in the value creation chain in the real estate sector and contributes to the development of its ecosystem of stakeholders. In the course of its activities, BNP Paribas Real Estate generates economic spin-offs in various sectors. All the financial flows in the region have an “indirect” impact on local economic activity and contribute to its dynamism.