Governance structure

BNP Paribas Real Estate’s governance system comprises a Supervisory Board, an Executive Board and an International Executive Committee.

The Supervisory Board

  • Alain BREFFEIL, Member of BCEF’s Executive Committe, Senior Advisor and BnpP Development Chairman
  • Francine CALVET, Member of the Supervisory Board of BNP Paribas&nbspReal&nbspEstate
  • Loic ISABELLE, Chief Executive Officer at BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions
  • Jean NUNEZ, Managing Director – Corporate Coverage
  • Caroline PEZ-LEFEVRE, Deputy Chairwoman de One Bank for Corporates
  • Jacques D’ESTAIS, Senior Executive Advisor to BNP Paribas General Management, Conseiller Exécutif de la Direction Générale
  • The Executive Board & the International Executive Committee

    The Articles of Association stipulate that the company is administered by an Executive Board and an International Executive Committee comprising 8 to 12 members.